Sunday, September 6, 2009

spain v. belgium - world cup qualifier, september 5, 2009

i managed to get cable installed at my new flat in time to watch the spain-belgium world cup qualifier yesterday. going forward i will time stamp these, but here are some highlights from the game, relating entirely to spain's many goals! there was a nice one about belgium's netminder gillett making a save and the posts helping him out, but the phone rang and i missed part of it. if someone got it, post it in the comments!

"xavi hernandez, getting better all the time. 29 years old now, the wine is absolutely at its zenith in that bottle."
xavi makes a trademark play into the area, which almost results in the first goal

"typical david villa isnt it, a wonderful touch to control it, draws that defender in on him and makes him gamble. matador football here from david villa...its a napalm penalty."
david villa draws a penalty

"...hes engaged the brilliance, what's it gonna be like when he's married to it?!?!"
david silva's first goal of the night

"its gerard pique and its a route! again, david villa's fingerprints all over it, and gerard pique the barcelona boy joins in the party!"
gerard pique makes it 3-0 for la furia roja

"it's silva living up to his name, truly truly quicksilva!. punishing hit from distance, again, trademark valencia accuracy."
david silva nets again

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