Monday, August 31, 2009

mea culpa...

i messed up when i organized this weekend/today. i was sure the barcelona game was being shown on goltv, but it turns out i was wrong. so now i have to watch the game on my computer, in addition to not having anything from ray to share today! i see that goltv is rerunning the real madrid game from the weekend that i know ray was working on, so i'll try to watch that, otherwise, i'll be back next weekend for the next round of games. sorry everyone, i'll be updating my google calendar for the next round!

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  1. they replay a lot of games during the week, they replay a game of la liga or bundes liga on weekdays in the morning for sure, you might be able to catch that one. Did not get to see all of it, but ray hudson seems to be in fine form!