Monday, September 7, 2009

scotland v. macedonia - world cup qualifier, september 5, 2009

"thats what they call the hampden roar, and it will be raucous here today, the scots with their heads on the chopping block."

"the locker room is beckoning for george burley, and it will be his waterloo."

"the johnny walker is flowing now, and scott brown, they're toasting him all over this's a diamond header!"
scott brown makes it 1-0, 55'

"it was a different kind of glasgow kiss, this one."
reliving scott brown's goal when he is subbed off, 73'

"scott brown and jimmy macfadden, johnny walker is calling your name."
end game


  1. Ray describing Scott Brown's "beautiful dexterity of his forehead" had me in stitches.

  2. "Fans already making their way for the pub...this is going to be one to talk about."

    Ray: "They carry a pub in their pockets."

  3. That one had all of us rolling Nick!

  4. Last weekend, between Leverkusen and Nuremburg, the camera focused in on a mustachioed man eating a frozen treat.

    "That man is to mustaches as Carlos Valderrama was to hairstyles. Well done, sir -- but you shouldn't be eating a popsicle."