Sunday, October 4, 2009

atletico madrid - zaragoza, october 3, 2009.

Was it a shot? It doesn’t matter because that’s a shot. And its accurate and its beautiful (jurado scores 2’)

A wonderful paly this by sabrosa a good look at him there…ex barca of course and all that skill and talent and pedigree came out in that run (11’)

Atletico Madrid knows where the danger is, and they know where Real Zaragoza’s bread is buttered. And its in the form of that man that’s on the deck, Aguilar (12’)

This is extremely naughty, Cleber comes through full of malicious intent, on a good player as well. (23')

The razor’s still glinting through the dark moments for Atletico Madidi, and its always that man with the big surgical knife, Forlan. (62')

Wonderful bravery by el Kun he doesn’t back away from the yellow shirts he entices them on, all over him, 4 around him. (65')

Reyes does absolutely brilliant here to set up Maxi the run is exemplary, this pass is absolutely world class…perfection from Antonio! (89')

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